Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year of the Dragon: Our Little Dragons

Cora and Caleb were certainly dressed for the occasion at our New Year celebration. Don’t they look fine? Caleb’s outfit was given to him by a “grandma” and he could not have looked more handsome. He must have known how sharp he was looking, for he carried himself about very majestically.

Cora was captivated by the dancing performances that the nannies put on. She imitated their movements, clasping her hands and sighing with the music’s emotion.

Cora and Caleb are two of our most amazing little dragons. Neither of them should be alive today because of serious heart conditions. But not only are they alive right now, they’re thriving.


  1. Amazing indeed! Can't wait until my little "dragon" is in my arms and I'm enjoying her little sighs firsthand!

    1. We can't wait to SEE her in your arms, too, Tara!! I will be the one sighing then!

  2. Such a sweet post about two remarkable cuties with amazing testimonies! Love seeing them in their traditional CNY outfits! CUTE!!!