Saturday, January 14, 2012


Joy's hair is usually up in pigtails, but the hair do-dads come off during naptime, and when she wakes up, this is what we see.

Roy's hair hardly needed the slicking up Sandy gave it, it faux-hawks on it's own.

The sweetest faces, deepest eyes, and most stylish hair... there's no out-doing our kiddos!


  1. It's true, it's true... and I am blessed to look at one of those sweet faces and style her hair and look into her gorgeous deep eyes each and every day! Thank you for all you do for these children... my Khloe is a constant reminder of the importance of what you do, and I cannot imagine our lives without her!

    These two are WAY too cute. And that faux-hawk... cuteness OVERLOAD!

  2. Awwwww.... They are adorable. I love Roy's hair! Joy you have no idea how much I miss you! Even with your hair in front of your face, you are still beautiful! Love you, baby girl! Hope to see both of you again really soon! <3

  3. Oh, my precious Joy. You are SO beautiful. You look so much like your new big sister-that hair and those cheeks! We cannot wait to come get you to join your forever family! Soon!! We love you, baby. Mommy, Daddy and Chloe