Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting His Wiggles Out

Joseph is an amazing little guy. His nickname in the CCU is "小东西" which means "little thing." Not a month after Joseph was released from the hospital, following a very risky but successful heart surgery, he was strong enough to put his whole weight onto his legs. In fact, when we stood Joseph up in our laps or on the floor, he stood tall and strong. Laughingly, we imagined this svelte, not two-foot tall 东西, taking his first independent steps at 5 months old.

He has also learned how to roll over onto his belly all by himself. Joseph loves to roll, but after 1.8 seconds of tummy time he becomes frustrated, and not being the sort to let babies cry for very long, one of our nannies usually ends up rolling Joseph back over onto his back.

And when Joseph is on his back... that's where the fun begins! He kicks and wiggles and grins like a happy little baby should.

He giggles and the world lights up, brightening his future with every breath and beat of his tiny, healed heart.


  1. Oh my goodness, talk about flashback friday! My boys always HATED their tummy time ... and I always caved and flipped them over quickly too. HA! And I can't help but notice that he's wearing one of the same farm-themed 1 piece outfit that my boys wore, although they were never quite such little things even when they were little. What a sweetie!
    And on a related note, I love seeing a certain "Columbia Snowman polar fleece snowsuit" in the fuzzy background. That has quite a history and we are blessed knowing that its life continues half way around the world keeping little boys warm! (at least 4 and counting!) I think we should send a photo of your little ones enjoying it there and attach its long history with a "thumbs up" to Columbia Sportswear. Maybe ND would get some freebies out of it? :-)

  2. Breanna and Dawson absolutely hated their tummy time, too! And only YOU guys would know how Khloe was at this age... though with her BE, I'm pretty certain she never did see any tummy time before she walked.

    He is SUCH a cute little man!! I love it when you feature individual children like this... it gives us more of a glimpse of your everyday lives with these little sweeties and lets us know more of their individuality! CUTE, CUTE!! :)


  3. Oh ... he is so handsome. Adorable shots and footage of Joseph the little miracle man!