Monday, January 30, 2012

Naptime Antics

Rumors were circulating about the nap time antics of Angela and Samuel. Stories of them (somehow) maneuvering their beds so that they met in the middle of the bedroom... of the games they played and the mess they made. 

Usually a nanny would catch them in the act and the fun would cease. Yesterday, though, we applied a different strategy: wait until the kids do 'their thing', then guard the door so that no one disturbs them and run and get a camera.

The mission was much more successful than we could have hoped. Not only was the room totally rearranged, but so were the should-be-napping kids. All three of them were in Wendy's bed, reading a book together and giggling like they were committing the silliest crime of the century.

The camera's entrance disrupted Wendy and Angela's discussion about the pictures of veggies in the book, and suddenly everyone was smiling for the camera. Then, they wanted to "kan kan!" (which is to see) the pictures that had been taken. Finally, we plopped Samuel and Angie back into their beds, pushed the beds back against the wall and hushed their repeated requests for, "just a little drink of water!"

But did the beds stay where they were placed? Did the kids finally close their eyes for a short afternoon nap? Maybe security cameras are in order, at least to stifle our own curiosity.


  1. oh those two :) I miss them SOOOO much - glad that they are still up to their mischievous ways together *kisses and hugs to Samuel and Angie*

  2. This is SO funny! It reminds me of Khloe and Annie when they were still there. Lindsay (intern) captured it on video for me, and they are still some of my most treasured "Khloe @New Day" possessions! The two of them used to push eachother around in their cribs, too ...Khloe loves looking at those videos. So this post just resonated a little extra deep with me, as it brought me back to that summer of 2009 when we were matched with Khloe and how I loved seeing those 'mischievous' videos/photos! Looks like this group makes quite the team, too!! CUTE!!! :)