Monday, January 30, 2012

The Little Details

Over the weekend, we asked a question on our facebook page. What do you like to read blog posts about? Among other things, one subject that was mentioned a few times was "the little details." Those small, though momentous in a child's eye, details that can so easily be over looked.

Today we're going to give you some details on a few of our children.

Like our Wendy, who is not camera shy at all. She's always willing to pose for a picture, as long as you let her see it when you're done. Then the funniest thing happens. Wendy puts her finger on the camera's viewfinder, and swipes back and forth - as if she's using an iTouch or iPad. How she picked this habit up, we do not know.

Then there's Calvin, who is almost always happy. If he's not, though, a mere smile in his direction will produce grins and happy, kicking feet from this charmer. Obviously, he's adored by all of his big sisters.

And CJ, who just has to be in the picture. Or Brooke, who noticed all of the attention that little brother Calvin was getting in her nanny's lap. She couldn't let that problem go un-addressed. Can you see glimpses of their personalities captured below?

 Jonathan has always been a generally happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He's just recently figured out the crawling thing, and discovers new things every day as he explores the playroom.

Joshua is always proud as punch to show off his standing skills. He's getting stronger and stronger. He did the puzzle in his hand all by himself, along with three others. Feel free to be impressed.

Esther, an itty bitty thing who loves to coo melodically and be held, is tackling a new challenge: sitting up. She's not so sure that she likes it yet, but with a little practice here and a little practice there, Esther's nannies have high hopes that she'll be sitting up on her own soon.

Last but not least, one of our newest babies, Nathan. He's got a grin that could melt the Rockies. We discovered soon after he arrived, that Nathan's passion is dancing. Stand him up on your lap and suddenly he's footloose, bouncing and smiling as if he's doing what he was meant to do all along.

And to think of all the other "little details" that happen in a single hour for these special children! We'll try to keep ya'll updated.


  1. 征源小盆友,新的一年里幸福安康,平安快乐地长大:)

  2. I absolutely LOVE that picture of Wendy and Calvin!!!

  3. Oh, this was just the best...thank you! And I agree with Tara, Wendy and Calvin are way tooo cute!

  4. Calvin好像有些欧洲baby的样子喔 :D