Saturday, December 3, 2011

Comings and Goings

Friday was a busy day! Elliot joined his new foster family, and is doing well. He and Joel are going to have a blast being together all the time... and their foster mom will probably be a little bit more tired now. But she's up for the fun that these two happy boys will bring into her home.

If anyone wasn't too happy about Elliot joining his foster family, it was Joshua. Joshua has been Elliot's roomate, and got a bit teary when it came time for Elliot to leave.  We comforted Joshua by telling him that he will see Elliot in preschool every morning. I guess that it's still not the same.

And then, as Elliot left, Rosie returned! She recently had a procedure done, and then had to hang out in the hospital for further testing. We are so excited to welcome her back, and she is very, very happy to be home. As soon as she arrived, Rosie found herself passed back and forth between her nannies and those who love her. A contented sigh escaped from her lips every time they held her close.

Welcome home, Rosie, and we'll see you on Monday at preschool, Elliot. Don't be late!


  1. Congrats to Elliott...he's such a handsome little fella.

    joshua your mama and bah bah will be coming soon to take you HOME's okay sweet have such a sweet spirit about you.

    emma lael looks at NDFH web site and she will say all the kids names that were in her pre-K class in mandarin....she smiles very BIG when she see's her friends from China....i think she had a crush on joshua they use to sit next to each other at the table ;)

  2. So excited for Elliot to be with a foster family. Praying for precoius little Joshua as I'm sure that is very hard on him. :(


  3. My heart smiles that Joel's foster mama and baba have another precious child to shower with love!
    Praying for sweet Joshua as he grieves his roomate's departure.
    And oh sweet Rosie! So glad you are back!

  4. oh, poor sweet Joshua ~ that just broke my heart. Such a sweet little man he is! But very happy for Elliot ~ his foster family is going to love having his sweet self around!!

    Glad to see precious Rosie back 'home' where she belongs. I'm sure everyone is glad to have her back. The photo with 'Sophie' is sweet. She was one of Khloe's nannies, too. There is something about Rosie's face that has always reminded me a bit of Khloe. I pray her procedures went well and that she will not need further surgeries. She is so pretty, even without her hair. Give her a squeeze and a lil' smootch for me, will ya!?!


  5. awwww....sweet Elliot couldn't have a better foster Mom *sigh* What a blessing!