Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vivian's Following

You haven't seen her picture for a while, and Vivian's grown quite a bit.

Word has it that she's trying to walk, and can take some steps with support.

Her foster mother has informed us that she's the belle of the apartment and has a devoted following. People seem to think that she's pretty cute...

...we can see why.


  1. Oh my goodness, has she ever grown! And taking her first steps already? What a little go getter!
    Vivian, you are precious!

  2. So good to see Cora's "birthday sister!" They seem to have a lot in common... like trying to walk and grow up WAY TOO SOON! But I think Viv might have a few pounds on Cora! Look at those cheeks!!! :)

  3. Vivian is so beautiful! Love her so much!
    Please give her a huge hug from me; what a little cutie pie she is!!!!

  4. It's so fun to see updates like this that show how much the children are blossoming in the place where love grows!!!

  5. She has the most kissable cheeks! and a beautiful sparkle in her eyes.

    She is loved.

  6. SHE HAS HAIR!!!! :D Oh my precious baby I miss you so.

  7. Oh so sweet! Now I am nervous that the outfit I sent for Christmas will be too small! It's amazing to see these precious ones grow.