Monday, November 7, 2011

And The Leaves Went Crunch...

...and they crackled as a giggling group of children jumpt, lept and flew into the pile.

Can you hear his laughter?

Can you feel her joy?

Do you see her wonder?

Do you smell the autumn freshenss? 

There are even more pictures in our scrapbook. Oh, what a glorious time we had!


  1. Oh ... the joy and the wonder! Priceless pictures and memories.

  2. This post brought me back...
    Can't wait for another visit to this precious place!

  3. OK, I just had to laugh a little... QYD is wonderful for many, many reasons -- and there is much that I miss about it. But I'm not sure I ever smelled any "autumn freshness." I remember the aroma of coal dust and burning leaves in the fall... :)

  4. It was a unique day, Carrie. They didn't start burning leaves in QYD until that afternoon... then it really started smelling like fall!