Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Rebecca and Josiah


  1. LOVE, love, LOVE this photo! Yes, or course they are both adorable ... and the clothes rock now that they finally have a home and sweeties to wear them ... but also on a funny note that would speak only to me ... after spending years in my baby-closet ... the "All American Boy" sleeper is on one of my favorite GIRLS at ND!! Totally the way to fit in around her Rebecca! Maybe we could just sneak you in this house of boys?? ;-)
    Always hopeful.
    You make me smile. And Josiah? You are too smoochy for words! :-)

  2. valerie,
    sweet rebecca would be beautiful in all the great GIRL clothes you make....your boys need a baby sister ;-) your husband heart would never be the same after having a sweet little girl "daddy's girl"

    josiah your adorable!

  3. AND ... I just love the touch of hot pink Mary Jane's peeking in on your feet Rebecca. Just noticed that. You have such a sense of style already!

    (--I'm glad I came back to post again about the shoes too to see your comment Andrea! :-) Thank you so much about the clothes comment. I am in total agreement that the boys and husband would be deeply enriched with a little girl in their life.)

  4. Yep, still believing your day is coming, Valerie... you need another GIRL in that family! :) Who else is gonna learn all of mama's creative design skills!?!

    I totally know what those clothes mean to you, Valerie, and to see them on one of our favorite ND girlies is so fun! ~ the boy jumper mixed the the girlie slippers is adorable!! What a CUTE, CUTE photo of these two! I can't believe they both fit in that Bumbo seat! ;)