Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transformation Tuesday: Evie

The funny thing about Evie is...

...that she hasn't really changed!

She still has that fair, smooth skin. Her hair is still sunshine and her attitude gentle and sweet. But her heart, beginning the day she came until now, has gone through beautiful changes. Evie had a serious heart condition; when she arrived she was so weak that even the smallest toys were too heavy for her. Now she is a strong and healthy girl. When Evie first came she didn't know how to be held, how to be loved, but now she does. She is blossoming within her loving foster family. Can you see the difference in her eyes? That's what love did for Evie!


  1. What a beautiful baby girl. Kisses and hugs from those who love you from afar.

  2. evie is the "spit and image" of our emma lael (addison) the first time i saw you was september 2010 you were a tiny fragile little girl...your nanny was sitting on the floor next to your crib...watching your every breath...God is good... He loves you... He has a great plan for your life.

    i can't believe how much they look alike...evie we have your picture in our home....we sponsor you and LOVE you so much sweet girl...maybe God has a plan that you'll be "our" sweet girl one day....wouldn't that be glorious! yes, it would....praying for you Daily...my sweet girl