Monday, October 24, 2011

Turns for Three

Each morning, at the start of preschool, the children mark the day on our fun, magnetic calendar. And each morning, one child gets to take a turn placing a number onto the blank day, but on Monday three children get to help! This morning, Lucy Kate was the first one to shout out the day, so she got to place the "22" on Saturday.

Lena was pleased to be chosen to put the "23" on Sunday...

and Timothy concentrated as he put the "24" on Monday.

The kids love to belt out sing the "days of the week" song. "Sunday Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday!" they sing at the top of their lungs. The morning preschool students have quite a bit of English under their belts - they know months, seasons, days and much more.

Next, the kids had to remember what month it was. How do you say it in English? Jabin got this one right with his perfectly pronounced, "October!"

Have a happy Monday!

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