Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transformation Tuesday: Joel

Joel is a different boy now than he was months ago. He used to dislike learning and he wasn't always kind to his friends. Well, things have changed. We asked our preschool teacher, Gloria, to write something about Joel to you to read. She whipped this up pretty quick and we think that you will be excited with what she has to say.

Joel is a boy full of understanding. He is one of the smartest students in my class. During class, he is always so eager to learn, and every time I ask the children questions about the lesson, his answers will definitely be correct! He also really enjoys the stories that I tell, you can see his eyes open up wide, as if he does not want to miss a single part of the story!

The cutest moment for Joel, would be his scooter time. He is so good at it, and is fantastic at controlling it. This little scooter can bring him to any corner of the yard that this guy wants to be in. Yesterday, I saw that he even invited Joshua to sit behind him on his scooter. Joel told him, “Remember, put your legs up, don’t let them fall!” Then he picked Joshua’s legs with his hands and helped put them up on the side of the scooter.

“Hold my waist. Let’s go!” he said, and with the most joyful laughs and giggles in the world, they started their happy journey in our backyard. We are all very proud of you, Joel.

---Written by our preschool teacher, Gloria Z

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  1. Hooray sweet Joel! While I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were well loved at the home, I suspect some of this positive change comes from the individualized attention you are getting from your amazing foster parents.