Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Samuel and his buddy

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  1. Little boys and penguins--So perfect!
    I love it when little boys find a stuffed something to love on--especially Penguins.
    And is he giving him a kiss? heehee!
    I find what is so beautiful about penguins in particular is that the Penguin Daddies are the first ones there when the chicks hatch after caring for them on their feet keeping them warm in the bitter cold as the mothers are off getting food. I'm amazed at God's design in showing us how Dad's (of some animals) care for their little ones, even in nature.
    Samuel will make a great dad someday!

  2. I miss him soooo much, my favorite Samuel/penguin memory is from one of my last days there. He had the penguin in the backyard and was pushing it around in a single stroller telling it, that the time had come to go to lunch. :) It was so cute and he is so precious.