Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Discovering New Foods

Everyone here at the Forever Home enjoys trying new foods. This wasn't always the case. Sometimes when they first arrive, it may take a bit of convincing to try something new. However, it isn't long and they discover that--even though it's different--the taste is usually to their liking. Now they've discovered new foods they enjoy and their horizons have become expanded:)

Hannah wasn't one of those. She loved to try new foods! She's found some new favorite American foods like spaghetti, donuts, and fried chicken (one of her favorites). Though we eat mostly Chinese food at our home, which is very comforting and familiar to the girls, several times a week, we add in some Western dishes we are hungry for. By the time these girls go to America (all our current girls are headed there), they will have tried and discovered they like many of the dishes they will soon be eating often there. That alone should help their transition--even if only a little.

The other day when asking our daughters what kinds of foods they were looking forward to enjoying during our upcoming trip to the states, pop tarts was one of the things they named. We decided another week was just too long to wait when it is something we can make ourselves. So Randy looked up a recipe off the internet and we decided to make them for breakfast on Saturday morning for all the girls. Though I'd planned on helping, dad--who is often up earlier on Saturday mornings--made them while the rest of us slept in. When we awoke, they were already done! How wonderful is that?!! It was a new taste and all the girls enjoyed them--some more than others! Take Lena, for instance, I don't think we've found anything sweet that she hasn't liked. She's clearly got a serious sweet tooth!

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