Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seven Years Beautiful

Seven years ago a special baby girl was born. 

One year ago she was given the English name, Jenna.

This morning she donned a pretty purple dress and became a birthday princess.

Jenna has already opened her presents. And she will be having ice cream cake tonight

Happy Birthday Jenna!


Ajay, one of our foster home graduates, was adopted in early June. Ajay has a very serious heart condition that is inoperable in China. He has been scheduled for surgery this morning (the 12th)

Here is information from his mother on his condition.
Part of Ajay's procedures are diagnosed as Tetralogy of Fallot (And there are several other heart defects on top of it). It is even more severe than we anticipated. The doctor performing Ajay's surgery is world renown. He chooses his cases, and refers others. Ajay's case was chosen because of its complexity. I was told that this procedure, and the ones in the future, will not be completed by any text book explanation or diagram, but solely on the skill, knowledge, experience and level of confidence of an astounding physician... lucky for little Ajay we have that doctor.

Please join us in praying for Ajay today that the surgery goes well and that he recovers quickly. He needs a miracle, but we have hope because he is a miracle


  1. Happy Birthday Jenna! And yes, Ajah (Judah) IS a miracle...we remember! We will not stop praying for that little man!

  2. We hope Jenna has a very Happy Birthday! She is precious. We are also praying for Ajay. What a precious miracle he is and what a blessing to find this doctor who is willing and has been gifted to perform this surgery. We will be praying for the doctor and the surgery to go better than expected.

  3. Happy Birthday Jenna! Our thoughts are also with Ajay and his family today. We wish the very best outcome for this lovely boy and his family.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Jenna! And we're praying for God's mighty miracles to continue in Ajay's life!

  5. My family has been praying for Judah/Ajay since he arrived at ND. We've prayed for his heart and a family for two years. My daughters were soooo excited when we received the news that he had a forever family. We also have a son who was adopted from China who is a few months older than Ajay. We are fervently praying for him. Thank you and his family for keeping us posted.