Monday, July 11, 2011

And With the First Splash...

...Summer has begun!

The pool was filled up during nap-time, so it wasn't until the children were outside playing that they noticed the pool was full of water. We weren't planning on swimming that day, but considering that half of the children already had their clothes off... we figured that it wouldn't hurt to open the pool a day early.

And the children had no complaints with that decision.

Brooke and Angela kept having buckets of water poured out onto their sweet heads by their adoring and mischievous big brothers. And they didn't mind at all! We kept waiting to hear one of them cry out in complaint, but they never did.

They were all soaked and dripping, but every single child enjoyed the water.

Lots and lots of splashing went out. Check out the rest of our pictures in the scrapbook.


Three new blogs were just added to our "Extended Families" list. Reagan, Daniel and Ajay's families all have blogs that they have allowed for us to share with you. Enjoy!

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  1. SuPeR cUtE photos!! :) Some of my very favorite first photos of Khloe after we were matched with her came from this pool! We still have a print off of them!!