Friday, July 29, 2011

The Other Adventure

While the rest of the children were off making waves in the Water Cube, Lucy Kate and Vincent were having check-ups at the hospital. We were disappointed that their appointments had been scheduled the same day as the field trip, but there really was nothing that we could do.

Actually, there was.

Lucy Kate's foster mom, Vincent's nanny, and the driver turned the outing into an adventure! After the necessary visit to the doctor's office, Lucy Kate and Vincent happily lunched on hamburgers and french fries at KFC. When the two of them heard what lunch would be, Lucy Kate's face brightened into a smile and Vincent started dancing.

They almost felt sorry that their friends missed out on the yummy lunch.

After lunch they made their way to the flower market to smell the roses. The flower market is a huge building, full of beautiful sights and smells. There are flowers for sale as far as the eye can see, vases, sculptures, and most important to the children, cages full of adorable little creatures. Last winter, the children brought two tiny hamsters back for the classroom. We didn't add any animals to our menagerie this time, but Lucy Kate and Vincent posed for a lot of pictures, all of which were shot in video.

(sorry for the silence... hopefully their smiles make up for it ;)

The hospital trip was turned into an adventure and the two of them came back giggling and dancing, nearly forgetting where the rest of the children had been all day.  Lucy Kate couldn't figure out why Jabin looked so sleepy and Vincent couldn't help but notice that his preschool teacher's hair was messy.

"You don't look good" He told her.

We're so happy that we were able to turn Friday into a fun-filled day for all of the children.


  1. Sweetness! Thank you so much for giving Lucy Kate & Vincent such a special day, despite missing the water cube. What precious friends they are! Looking like american kiddos already with the french fries & hamburgers!!

  2. Adorable! Those two just crack me up! Personality PLUS!

  3. Thank you, too, for their special day! They just look so sweet together. Good to know they like some American foods, too. ;) I just want to squeeze them both!