Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Super-Duper, Extra Special Olympics

The Water Cube in Beijing was very kind to host our strong and superior "Team New Day" for some swimming, sliding, and splashing.

The kids surprised us at how quickly they hopped into the water to swim. It took some of them a few nervous attempts before they were completely soaked, but they were all little fishes in the end. And, of course, all of the kids had smiles from minute one.

Joshua's hesitation didn't last long, as you can see below. And then Emelia's smile... wow. Could a smile be more expressive and joyful?

There are a lot more great pictures in the scrapbook, check them out!


  1. So so cute:-) All the kids look like they just had the best time!

  2. Those New Day Olympians are just too cute!:-)