Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help Spread the Word

We wanted to let you know that this lovely girl, Hannah, is now available for adoption!

While we rarely know where a child's paperwork is located, we were blessed to know where her's is. If you are interested in checking her file out, you may find her on CCAI's (Chinese Children Adoption International) website under "Waiting Child Program, Child Profiles." If you do not have a password already, you'll have to request one to see her file.

Hannah is a very sweet girl who has made so much progress since coming to New Day. She's outgoing and loves to laugh. Some of her favorite activities include, bubbles, riding bikes, play dough, is great at puzzles, absolutely LOVES swimming, dress-up, loves to help cook, is very fond of pets, and likes to play the Wii.

Hannah has attended preschool here at New Day since she came, learning so many things that preschoolers need to learn. Recently it became obvious that she was outgrowing preschool and ready to move on to bigger things. A teacher was hired to help begin to teach her one-on-one and now she goes to school each day in a classroom at New Day shared by Serena and her teacher. Hannah is learning things like how to name and write her alphabet, what sound each letter makes, basic math, as well as so many other things children learn when they begin school. We are so proud of all the progress she has made and love seeing her happy and we know she has a bright future.

Though we love her dearly, we know the best thing for Hannah is for her to have a forever family all her own. Won't you help spread the word about her?! We'd love to see her matched with a family!


  1. Oh Hannah you have blossomed and grown into a beautiful young lady! I remember when Hannah first came to ND...and now look at her!
    Yes, what love can do!
    We will be praying praying praying for sweet Hannah!

  2. I love this girl very much. What really impressed me was that on my last day there at New Day, I was helping Rita get the girls shoes on at the back door, Hannah was being funny and running around. Rita told them I was going to leave and they might never see me again. Hannah ducked out the door to run. I was helping Jenna with shoes, Hannah stuck her head in the door and gave me a kiss on my right cheek! And told me Bye. Surprised both Rita and myself!!
    Such a Beautiful Girl!
    I Love You Hannah.
    PaPa Gordon