Saturday, July 2, 2011

[Almost] Completey Soaked

We had a great time splashing in the leftover rain puddles from this morning's downpour. Doesn't Jayce look adorable in his dalmatian rain-boots?

This was Jayce's first time splashing in the puddles and he loved it. He couldn't stay away from the pools of water.

We're not quite sure what Camille and Samuel are doing here. Maybe they're playing leap-frog? Hopefully they're not tasting the rain water. Regardless, they're getting quite wet.

Brooke is wet and happy. She and Angela were stomping their feet and dancing about until they were both completely soaked!

Sopping wet clothes and shoes are more than worth it when they produce happy faces like these. Check out the scrapbook for more pictures of our wet kids.

One more thing...

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