Monday, July 4, 2011

Alex's Day

In celebration of Alex’s seventh birthday, some of the men on staff decided that he needed as close to a father-son adventure as he could have. So, Alex and all of his uncles went fishing. The caught a few whoppers and Alex claims to have caught three big ones.

After catching six fish, the hard-working fishermen got hungry and made their way to a restaurant nearby. The cooks were happy to cook up one of Alex's biggest catches and it was heartily enjoyed. The fish was picked clean in the end.

Because it was his birthday, Alex got to choose a special dish. He unhesitatingly requested, "Pig Ears." Later, one of the men was talking with Alex:

"Alex, did you know that there are pigs running around right now who can't hear? Do you know why this is?"

"Because I ate their ears!" Alex responded grinning. He was in his element the whole morning.

Alex had a great time. He loved hanging out with the other "big guys". We know how much Alex needs time with older men who can mentor and guide him. We try to provide that for him and the other boys here, but we can't give them what they really need. They need fathers of their own.

One day Alex will have a dad, and that father will be so blessed to have Alex as his son.

...Alex will be pretty excited too.


  1. Precious...I can't wait for that day he has a forever father!
    Yall are an incredible blessing to these children--you truly have their best interest at heart, and I THANK YOU so much for your LOVE!

  2. What a fun day for such a great kiddo!

  3. Alex is on shared list. He is awaiting since FEBRUARY 2009. He is at the end of the list. Please spread the word, he needs his father!!
    Leonor from Spain.

  4. This one just totally got to me... tears here. It just blesses my heart to see those wonderful big boys and men taking the time to celebrate Alex and love on him like that... that's what I call being Jesus to the world! PRICELESS!! I especially love the photo of Alex and Kevin... so cute. Can't wait for the day Alex has a family of his own... praying for that to come sooner than later!

    ~ Tanya

  5. you guys are the BEST! alex will never forgot this have made a memory for him that he'll carry with him forever. God bless each of you for taking the time to be the hands and feet of Jesus to Alex.

    God bless