Monday, May 9, 2011

Wall Friends

Last week we were so blessed to have a fantastic mural artist come to the Foster Home and paint some murals for us. She painted a fabulous jungle scene for the upstairs babies and also transformed our back wall downstairs, which is the first thing visitors see when they arrive.

The paintings have impressed not a few of the kids, who can't get enough of the happy animals on their walls. Landon and Joshua had some bonding time the other day while looking at the painting downstairs. The puppy is a hit.

It looks like Josiah is trying to grin like the frog behind him. He's going to have a blast with all of his new animal friends upstairs.

One of the best parts of the upstairs mural is the panda. It's at just the right place that the kids, on their way back from therapy or check-ups, can give him a high-five.

Thankfully the panda's not real, because he's probably going to get a lot of high fives during his stay here.


  1. aw! love Josiah's "imitation" of the frog behind him :)

  2. Oh what a wonderful wall of art!