Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You Dare?

A few tales from our fabulous trip to the Beijing Natural History Museum:

Jace and his buddy Ben were having a blast checking out all of the dinosaurs, fossils and other animals in the museum. When they spotted a T-Rex with opened jaws just couldn't resist being boys and had to pop their heads into its mouth for a picture. Ben did it first. Jace thought that it was pretty cool, "Me too!" he said. Ben lifted him up, but as Jace's head rose higher and the plastic teeth of the T-Rex grew closer he decided that he was close enough.

We told you the story about Philip and the Shark a few months ago. A few weeks ago we shared the tale of him and the bunnies. Today it's time for part three. Philip and the Dinosaur.

Philip couldn't sit still on the bus. He exclaimed, "I'm going to see the dinosaurs today! I can't wait!"

"Are you afraid of dinosaurs, Philip?" Gan Lu asked him.

"No, I'm not afraid!"

"Are you afraid of sharks?"





"No, of course not!"


"No! I'm not afraid. Noah is, though. He's afraid of them now. When we go in and see them, I don't think that he'll be afraid anymore. But he's afraid of them now."

As it turned out, Noah did just fine. It was Philip who was afraid! We tried to coax him to get closer, pose for a picture, touch one gently... but he refused. He wasn't going near one of those scary creatures. He wasn't even going to look at them!

Regardless of his fear, Philip still had a great time. He really enjoyed looking at all of the different fossils. Life-sized dinosaurs just aren't his thing yet.


  1. LOL at the precious post because I have "been there, done that" with our boys who discovered a dinosaur exhibit that they were far more brave in their imaginations!

  2. awhhh, poor Phillip! ;) [**insert giggle**] One day he will look back and giggle at this post himself. How cute. Glad to hear everyone had a nice time. It was fun looking at the photos in the scrapbook, too.