Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Look

Why is it that those of us who have straight hair want curly hair and those of us who have curly hair want straight hair?!! What makes us want blond hair when we have brown hair and vise versa? I guess it's just wanting something different than what we have and wondering what it'd be like to have that different something. Apparently it's not just adults who have these desires--even kids enjoy the idea of something new and different. It's perfectly natural.

Elizabeth has often expressed interest in wanting straight hair. Now... we think she has the most beautiful curly hair EVER, but we all enjoy trying new things and wanting something different. Therefore, when getting ready to go to a friend's house one day, she expressed interest in having her hair straightened, I said "Sure, why not?!" So, I got out the straightener and commenced to give her straight hair! Wow, would you look at how long it looks (or actually is) when it isn't all curled up!! I have to tell ya, her curly hair didn't want to become straight! It took a bit of doing, but she ended up with some... well... fairly straight hair--or as straight as I could get it. She was quite pleased with her new look and marveled at just how long her hair really was when it wasn't all curled up!

However, it didn't last long:( By the time we arrived, only a few minutes walking distance, it was beginning to curl back up again. Oh well... she had straight hair for a few minutes anyway! She hasn't expressed an interest in doing it again since. I guess she was just curious what it'd be like. We think you're beautiful Elizabeth, with or without straight hair!! Keep on smiling girl!!


  1. Elizabeth, you are beautiful curly or straight!

  2. WOW! Her hair is so long!
    You ARE beautiful, Elizabeth!

  3. Elizabeth, your hair is gorgeous both ways--you are growing up So fast! And your smile is just beaming.
    SO funny that I spend my time ADDING curl to my hair in the winter ... and you are trying to straighten yours-ha!