Monday, January 10, 2011

The Journey

The implications of the loss and pain these children have experienced are set aside when we look into their eyes. When we see the vision and the strength where once was only emptiness we know that a life has been reborn. Jayce will never be alone again.

The reality of how broken their hearts were is forgotten when we see them, for the first time, smile. Brooke's heart was so sick and so broken. Her rosy cheeks today are just one example of what hope can do.

The sadness we experienced when we saw them for the first time no longer brings us sadness, because we see - today and everyday, the miracles that love can perform.

Transformation is a journey, and it's worth every mile.


  1. What a beautiful part of the journey when we get to see that sparkle in their eyes from the love you all give them...

  2. Josiah looks AWESOME!

  3. These are beautiful photos - thank you for sharing.