Friday, December 10, 2010

Cuteness in the Mirror

Our hearts skip a beat when we see her sweet little face brighten up in a smile.


Her thick head of smooth black hair is the talk of the foster home staff.

She’s only been here a few weeks but we’re already amazed at all the new things she can do.

Welcome to your new home, Molly!


  1. Oh my heart! She already has the "New Day" glow! :)

  2. She captured my heart from day one!!! We are blessed to sponsor her for OG this year. Last year we sponsored Khloe (of course!) and this year our precious girl is home and was able to help me shop for Molly's gifts! Pretty sure Khloe needs a baby sister!!!!! ;)

  3. That she is learning already how beautiful she is makes my heart warm!

  4. Oh that Molly is melting some hearts!