Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy Little Elves

Just because we happen to be living in China doesn't mean that we don't celebrate Christmas. On the contrary, we go all out! From the six Christmas trees dispersed about the foster home to the stockings hung on the children's bedroom windows, the children "deck the halls" with all they've got!

This crew of stocking-hangers was bouncing off the walls in excitement! We're not quite sure that they understand the full ramifications of having a stocking hung on their window, but we're sure that by the time it's bursting with goodies they'll be huge fans!

Silly Vincent is amused by his new foot apparel. This will be his first Christmas with us! He didn't arrive until after the holidays this year and though he hasn't yet figured out what all the fuss is about, we're sure that he will soon!

Vincent is a storyteller. We asked him to tell us all about hanging the stockings and what fun it was, but all that he had to offer was that he got to hang five. Ethan responded to Vincent's assertion saying that he only got to hang one! Vincent, even after being reminded that he too only hung one, continued to insist with his hand raised and fingers outspread that he did hang five. Ethan was still frustrated that he only got to hang one - he has two feet, doesn't he? We're not sure what he was more concerned about, hanging more than one or opening more than one!

Regardless of what the boys understand about the Christmas season, one thing they know for sure is that it's a whole lot of fun!


  1. What adorable little elves! Love it!!
    Season's greeting to all! =o)
    Jenny- in Atlanta

  2. Can't say I have ever seen more precious elves?!

  3. Longing to bring my elf home...