Friday, October 15, 2010

Vroom! Vroom!

Today after our morning preschool class, we had a little surprise for the children. Motorcycle rides! Some of our staff members own scooters, and they agreed to take our kids for rides through the parking lot.  For those of you who are especially safety-conscious, we promise they didn't go too fast and they never left the parking lot!

Can you tell from the smiles that it was a hit? You can see more smiles on the scrapbook page.

In addition to going for an exciting scooter ride this morning, Timothy joined his foster family this afternoon. He was pretty excited about that, as well. When he first found out he'd be going to a foster family, he told US which one he wanted to go to!! We all got a kick out of that, as he seemed quite confident about which family would be the best fit. We think it had more to do with the fact that one of his favorite friends was in that family, and he imagined they'd be able to get into all sorts of mischief if they lived together.

Robert and Philip seemed to enjoy the scooter rides most of all. Both of these boys giggled and shrieked non-stop through their rides, and would eagerly ask for another turn just as soon as they got off. We're glad they had fun. Robert, especially, seems to be really wanting a family these days... yesterday he watched a plane go through the sky. He pointed up at it and named off some of the other children who have been matched with families. (The children all associate airplanes with getting adopted, as they know they leave on airplanes.) Then he said, "I don't have pictures of my family yet. I don't have a mom and a dad." Our hearts long for the day when we can bring him pictures of his very own family... so many times before, when you begin to advocate for a child, they quickly get their family... would you do that for Robert now?


  1. Sweet Robert I know we will see a star by your name! I can't wait for that day! In the meantime, we are praying for you and will do what we can to advocate for you! You are a precious child!

  2. Praying all the time that Robert is matched with his forever family soon. I miss you, big boy :)

  3. That little Emelia has the best smile! And her hair is getting so long! I just love being one of her sponsors. :)

    Will definitely be praying for precious Robert. His Mommy and Daddy have to be out there...they just need to find him!! :)

  4. Oh that breaks my heart! I know how Robert is the first one to get excited for the other kids when they get 'matched' and hold that photos of their new families... I CAN'T WAIT for the day I see a star by his name and he holds a photo of his own... we will be celebrating and doing the dance of JOY for him! We still keep Robert in our thoughts and prayers. Khloe likes to pray for him and often points out his photo in her little album...afterall, they were 'roomies' once upon a time!! ;) He has SO much love to give...whoever his new family is will SURELY be blessed beyond measure!