Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Roaring Good Time

UPDATE:  Within a few hours, you had funded this above and beyond what we needed!  Thank you!!  We will be sending all the donors pictures of the trip next week after the field trip!

Last May, we were able to take a group of our children to the Wildlife Park... the kind of zoo where the people stay in the cages and the animals roam free. It's a great experience for our little ones, and we have some new children who haven't yet experienced being up close and personal with the animals they learn about in preschool.

We hope to go again on Friday, October 22.  It will cost about $400 USD to take our children to the wildlife park. That includes admission, transportation, and lunch for the children and their "grown-up partner" for the day.

You can contribute to this trip by making a donation via PayPal using the ChipIn box here on the blog. If you want to contribute, but prefer to send a check, please e-mail for details.  If we reach our goal and are able to go to the park, all sponsors will get e-mailed pictures of the trip that you made possible!


  1. What fun! It looks like you all picked a beautiful fall day to visit. Looking forward to hearing all about your next trip!!

    Jenny- Atlanta, GA

  2. What a wonderful excursion - and a speedy funding response!