Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cute As Can Be!

We love cuddling babies. On a crisp, chilly day, you are more than likely to find that one or more of us has slipped upstairs to snuggle with a little one. With Judah getting so big, and Jayce and Josiah deciding that they want to spend the better part of the mornings with some tummy-time (they're working really hard on rolling over right now) we've been having some trouble satisfying our daily cuddle quota. As always, the deficit hasn't lasted long and now with little Caleb, Evie, and Melissa to hold, we've gone from having trouble sharing the babies to... still having trouble sharing the babies!

Yesterday was crisp and lovely so, before going out, we bundled up our little ones into coats that were almost as cute as they were! 

Melissa and Evie are little bunnies and Caleb is the fuzziest bear you could ever wrap your arms around!

Josiah joins the picture here. He's just as cuddly as ever and is becoming a sweet older brother.

We're blessed with having such sweet children to care for. Come on over and steal a cuddle of your own! We might share... maybe...

Post by Hannah


  1. I cannot wait to get there and steal some cuddles!
    Too, too cute!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. How precious are they?
    I look forward to the day we get to visit!

  3. Oh so scrumptious! I can almost smell their babyness!
    Lord willing, we'll be back!