Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everyone Needs Some Comfort

Sweet little Robert.  Such a precious little boy... full of so many cute quirks and adorable little habits.  He's a cuddly little boy anytime of the day, and naptime is no exception.  He likes to have something comforting with him while he goes to sleep.  Nothing too unusual about this story so far, right??

This is where it gets a little odd.  A little "Uniquely Robert."

Notice what Robert has in his hands?  A pair of socks.

That's right, friends, Robert's a big boy... he doesn't need a teddy bear or a favorite blankie when he goes to sleep.  He's much too big for that.  But, that's not to say he's totally grown-up yet... give him a pair of socks, and he'll drift right off to sleep.

And without them?  Well, watch out... that's a problem that needs fixing.  Recently, one of our staff members heard Robert crying softly at the beginning of naptime.  Peeking her head around the door, she asked Robert what was wrong.

"My socks," he whimpered, "they're too dirty!"

After a long morning of playing outside... his socks suffered the fate of all little boys' socks.  Though he still had them on, they were destined for a wash pile, and even Robert knew they were too yucky to cuddle as he fell asleep.

The problem was easily solved... a new pair of socks straight from the laundry.  Robert drifted off to sleep in no time!  Dreaming, no doubt, of footwear.


I think someday this picture might be shown at Robert's wedding or high school graduation... the perfect "embarrassing little boy picture."  :)


  1. Oh, how sweet!

    -Jenny (Atlanta, GA)

  2. Absolutely precious! Makes me think of my own boy who sleeps with a Lightning McQueen car ~ not exactly soft and cuddly, but it is "his thing" for sleeping.

  3. I love it! Whatever it takes for some good sleep,huh?