Monday, September 20, 2010

What a Grape Day!

There isn't much better than a field trip... especially when it involves food! On this cool, almost-Autumn day, the local vineyards are still heavy-laden with beautiful globes of goodness!

And we have lots of little fingers on hand that are just itching to pick things. We spend most of the summer trying to remind the little ones not to pick every single flower in the foster home yard... so taking them to a vineyard where they're actually supposed to pick things is the perfect activity for itchy fingers.

As you can see, they get a big kick out of picking their snacks for the next week.

We came home with bags and bags of grapes and lots of little bellies full of "samples."  Now when they eat grapes, they'll have a better idea where they come from.  You can see more pictures from our fun excursion in our foster home scrapbook


Did you notice that Emma joined her adoptive family? They are bloggers, so you can follow along with their journey to get Emma home on their blog, God's Gracious Gift. And for future reference, it is linked under our graduate list!

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  1. Philip is so, so, SO cute! I just love him :)