Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Homecoming

We started the formula project because of one little boy... Jacob

Jacob came to us for heart surgery.  He arrived clinically malnourished, making him frighteningly susceptible to sickness, and he caught an infection which spread to his already-weakened heart, causing it to enlarge and beat irregularly.  We immediately admitted him into ICU at a Bejiing hospital, where he stayed until the infection cleared and his heart returned to its normal size.  The story ended happily, but we know that good nutrition from the beginning would have saved Jacob a fight for his life.  Jacob's situation started our formula project.

Today was a very special day... Jacob came back for a visit with his family, who were in China adopting Jacob's little sister.  His smile is as joyful as always, and seeing him "all grown up" really brightened everyone's day.

His nannies couldn't believe how tall he was getting!  He was once a sickly, small little boy... now he is healthy and strong.  And his legacy continues today in our formula project... giving more children the healthy start they need.  If you don't yet know much about our formula project, you can learn more about how you can get involved in saving lives.


  1. Aw....I love that! How wonderful that he was able to come back for a visit! I know that filled the nannies' hearts to overflowing!

  2. What an incredible story!!! And how nice for all of you to see where this investment has gone!

  3. WOW! What a legacy! And what a blessing to see Jacob again!

  4. LOVE that Jacob was able to come back for a visit...what a special day for everyone there! I bet his nannies hearts were overflowing!! :)

    Can't wait until we can bring Khloe back for a 'visit' one day!


  5. Jacob s little face was a catalyst for me looking into adoption. We visited NDFH when in China Jacob had already gone home with his family. Its been almost 3 years since bringing my daughter home.Wonderful to see him doing well and getting a meimei.

  6. he is so handsome...his smile is beautiful...i bet the new day faculty was so happy to see him again...God bless jacob and his family.