Friday, September 3, 2010

A Family While Waiting

No institution, no matter how loving, is a substitute for a family of one's own. That's one of the core beliefs of NDFH, and even while our children are waiting for their forever families, we want them to experience the love of a family. Today was Zoe's big day! The day she left with her new foster mother.

We are blessed with an incredibly loving team of local foster families. The way they love our children leaves us speechless, and the children truly transform under their love and care. This wouldn't be possible without the careful attention of Wang Shu and his assistant Jane, seen here with Zoe and her new foster mom. Wang Shu manages all the foster families, and his hard work is evident in the laughter and smiles of all the foster family children who call him YeYe (grandpa).

Little Zoe - you might not know it yet, but today was a very important day for you! We know it'll be a turning point in your life... the first time you experienced the day-in and day-out love of your very own mama.


  1. OH, thank you for sharing this with us!!! I am already overflowing with gratefulness for Cooper's foster mom, and for the fact that he has been able to grow in the love of a family. I know that my gratitude will only grow in deep and wide for the love and care Cooper got from his family! My heart is already breaking at the thought of him losing them.

  2. Good for you, Zoe! I miss that smile! I've always told people that you are one those kids with a smile that will literally melt hearts.

    Cannot wait to see you change and grow! You are already so much different than the first day you arrived at ND. I love you!


  3. I am deeply grateful for Evan's foster mom and dad. They prepared him for us, all the while giving him their whole hearts, knowing they'd be broken when he was handed over to us.

    How very blessed Zoe is!!

  4. Love this woman and the care she gave Chandler. Zoe is lucky girl!

    Zoie Morales

  5. As we prepare to meet emma lael and her loving foster grandma nai nai and foster grandpa ye ye on september 15, 2010...i am overwhelmed with can i begin to thank them for giving emma lael such a wonderful start to her life...i've written a letter to them hoping they will always know how thankful we are for all they have done for emma lael...emma lael's foster parents will always hold a special place in our hearts they will be a part of emma lael forever and a huge part of our heart aches when i think of emma lael leaving her nai nai & ye ye...i know God's plan is perfect and He chose both of us for emma lael knowing we both are who she needed at the specific times in her life....thank you New Day for being commited to putting these precious children into loving homes...this will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

    God bless you ND and all the loving foster parents.