Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School!

Last week on September 1st, the Forever Home girls all went back to school after a fun-filled summer vacation. We took multiple trips to the pool, which was their absolute favorite! They also enjoyed biking, roller blading and various other outdoor activities. Jenna and Hannah went back to preschool at the foster home in the mornings. Serena has a Chinese teacher and studies all morning at New Day in a classroom there. All the girls return home for lunch and then study at home in the afternoons. Serena continues her Chinese, Jenna and Hannah have specific activities that they work on with an intern as well as a short Chinese lesson. Elizabeth home-schools utilizing English programs. She takes some Chinese classes as well so she is able to learn to read and write in Chinese as well as English. It's kinda nice to be back in a regular routine again although I'm sure they're missing their sleeping in each morning. Now they must wait 'til the weekend for those special times:) Oh, and if you're wondering where Hannah is, she was gone to the dentist when these pictures were all taken. She's also enjoying her time back at preschool.

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