Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick-thinking and Twitterpated

Kids always say and do the cutest things...

Take Timothy, for example. He had a second surgery to correct his spina bifida last Friday. It went well, and he's expected to make a full recovery.

But, he was supposed to have the surgery a couple of weeks before. He was checked into the hospital and everything. A few minutes before the surgery was to start, the surgeon came in to go over a few last-minute things with our directors.

Timothy cleared his throat and coughed a little bit. And then noticed the surgeon looked his way. "Is he sick?" the doctor asked. "No, we don't think so," replied our staff. "Good," the doctor replied. "If he were sick, we'd need to delay the surgery."

Timothy's eyes lit up and suddenly he developed a coughing fit. And a few short hours later, he was discharged... sans-surgery.

We haven't ever seen a "sick" kid with that much of a twinkle in his eye before.

And then the other day, there was Jack's and Raegan's minor "twitterpated" incident. Raegan got a beautiful new dress from a sponsor, complete with a purse and a hairbow. She clearly felt pretty in her new get-up, and rightfully so -- she was a doll!

As she pranced around the foster home, she caught Jack's eye. "Ahhh!" he said "Raegan looks very good today!"

We've got our eye on these two.


  1. That's hillarious about little stinker!!! ;)

    And I agree, you better keep your eyes on that little Jack and Raegan...sounds like another Drew and Adahlyn in the making! :)

  2. Being Jacks YeYe i can asure you that he is a Southern Gentleman and has the highest reguard for the fairer sex BUT! might oughta keep an eye on that Rascal!! HA!

  3. that picture of jack is to die for! what a boy :)