Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Tea Party!

The girls decided they wanted to have a tea party. They all dressed up and was so excited! They asked if they could use my China tea pot in the china cabinet. I thought "Why not, just be careful." The older girls prepared a few snacks and the tea as they set up. I let them be for awhile to enjoy their party alone and then decided I must get a few pictures. However, when I found them, they'd set up their party between the beds in the smaller room where there was little room. Although, I'd wondered why, I just guessed it was a small private party! I promptly told them I'd take a few pictures and leave them be. Later I found out that they'd set up there cause the bigger room with the younger girls was a complete mess they said! Can you imagine that?!! A kid's room being a complete mess?! I know you guys out there surely can't relate to that one!!