Friday, August 20, 2010

Healing Home Therapy

The babies at the healing home have a lot of fun at therapy every day. With help from New Day's physical therapists, the babies are making lots of improvements.

The therapists have been encouraging Lucy to walk and stand more on her own. And it's been showing. She often walks over to the bookshelf all by herself! Since she loves picture books, she's always asking nannies to read for her.

Rosie loves stretching and is one of the most flexible babies at New Day. She can touch her toes with ease. Every afternoon she does some warm up stretches before getting to work. The physical therapists like to use the big red ball to teach her to balance herself.

Although Joel is not yet able to walk on his own. He does exercises to strengthen the muscles in his legs. With some help he can stand up and take a few steps.

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  1. Everyday is a miracle at New Day!
    Cheering each of you on from Hong Kong,