Monday, August 2, 2010

Guest Post: On Being The Change

When I volunteered in southern China (2008), the children at the foster home had extremely visible medical challenges, primarily cleft lip and palate. After seeing my blog this trip, friends and family wondered whether the delightful, gorgeous ND munchkins even have special needs. Well, yes, and no. Yes: morning meetings involve updates on impending hospitalizations/surgeries/releases. For some children, it seems like a revolving door. Here one day and gone the next. How can this be? There is a battle for health and life; to heal, some children need a miracle. But, here’s the difference, the “no” in this equation: at a place like New Day, it is possible to forget about the doctors, the therapy, and the medicine, and see only laughter, faith, growth, bravery, and joy—our children’s true colours—and then it seems like all you need is love. And, as for who is the bigger blessing in one another’s life… the kids in ours? us in theirs? Well, that’s up for some serious debate :)

The ache of departing New Day was lessened by the job waiting for me back home. coordinator of an annual elementary school Bake Sale, we aim to maximize academic and personal growth and inspire action for the common good. For an entire week every May, the Grade Three students become global citizens who promote, bake, and sell their little hearts out. But, it isn’t, as you might presume, the Type-A personalities who necessarily shine during this special time. Feeling, perhaps, greater empathy for a child in need, it is often the students you’d least expect, who connect the strongest, step up, and serve the most wholeheartedly. Since 2007, our incredible Grade Threes have generated over $8,000 to fund surgeries for children like Willa. Yes, Willa was this year’s girl. After holding her in my arms, how could she not be? Willa, honey, this was all for you! We urge our students to spread the word, love their world, and be the change. Now, won’t you?

By: Kate S.
Intern April-May 2010.


  1. okay, that made me cry...what an amazing testimony to power of children....children are the heart of our world (in my option)....God loves the children...if i could give each of those 3rd graders a big hug & kiss i would...God bless them for such giving hearts.

    this post just made my day ;)

  2. As Willa's sponsor, I am overwhelmed by this precious post. Thank you Kate for your gift and for your example!
    We are praying for Willa's healing and cannot wait to meet her face to face!
    I will also be talking to our kid's school to see how we can duplicate your fundraising efforts in Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  3. Yay yay yay! Go Grade Three! Their joy is evident! And the lessons taught through this are EVERLASTING!
    And yay for Willa!