Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Perfect Summer Snack

It's the middle of summer here and it is h-o-t. The preschool teacher asked me to teach about fruit in preschool recently. I decided to do a lesson on banana splits. Not technically a fruit... but it contains fruit. Close enough, right? We taught the children to say "banana split" in English. It's called xiang jiao chuan (banana boat) in Chinese. Then, we did a fun banana split craft:

After crafts, it was snack time. Imagine the excitement on the children's faces when we brought out bananas and tubs of ice cream! We couldn't get whipped cream here in our village, but I don't think the kids minded much.

Here's Vincent after he was done with his banana split but realized he'd dripped some ice cream on the table!

We love banana splits! What's your favorite summer snack?


  1. We love to snack on all the fresh fruit this time of year. But I think I want to come work at your have better snacks!!

  2. I love it! What a fun day for the kids. Those are 2 of my personal & ice cream! You all are so creative. Bless you and those sweet kiddos.

    Jenny- from Atlanta, GA