Monday, June 21, 2010

What She Needs

In some ways, it seems her heart is the easiest thing to fix. A surgery is fairly straight-forward. Certainly not simple or without risks, but it can be clinically evaluated and treated with proven techniques.

But her other broken heart... it was not so easily mended. Before she came to our foster home, her heart was so weakened that she likely spent most of her time in a crib by herself, rarely interacting with others... We saw the consequences as soon as she arrived.

Raegan was locked in her own little world when she first arrived. She couldn't speak so she communicated mostly by hitting, biting, and spitting. She would bang her head against the wall in frustration. If you tried to touch her hands, feet, or head she'd recoil... as if the lightest touch felt like fire.

But it didn't take long for us to begin to see signs of new life, of transformation, of hope... We began to see a new Raegan. She started speech therapy, and as her vocabulary grew, her frustration lessened, and we began to get to know the sweet little girl that was always inside.

And then she joined preschool, and as she learned new songs and experienced new things, her imagination blossomed. These days, instead of her cries of frustration, we more often heard her infectious laughter echoing through the halls.

She's a bright and inquisitive little girl... curious about everything. She takes her role of big sister quite seriously and loves to help her nannies and the other children. She loves to play pretend games -- "sleeping" on a shelf in the playroom or giving another child a "haircut." Her ideas often lead to other children joining in the fun!

She's already changed so much, but we know there's on thing she needs to reach her full potential...

A Family

And right now, her papers are at CCAI, an adoption agency in the USA. They are looking for her family. Might you be Raegan's family? Even if the answer is no, Will you advocate for her? Will you stand in the gap with her until she goes home?


  1. I was in China last fall and spent an afternoon at New Day. I had a wonderful time meeting all the kids but Raegan was the one that stood out the most. She had recently arrived. I remember her laugh and it has been great to look at the website and see her bloom into a beautiful young girl. The family that gets her will be very blessed.

    Anna Levin
    Washignton DC

  2. Yes! I will advocate!!! I wish I could say yes, but Father must have a different family for this princess. I will go to my blog right now and write about Raegan.

  3. my pleasure to get the word out about raegan. i will post a word about her on our blog. what great news to hear how she's progressing...God is awesome ;0)

    God bless,
    fayetteville, ga

  4. Rae Rae has such a personality!

    Oh, how I miss her!

  5. Praying for sweet Raegan's family to find her! I'll spread the word among the other CCAI families. :)