Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun or Therapy?

Just recently, Jenna finally blew her first bubble! It also helps to hold the wand a bit closer, but despite that fact, she simply could not blow a bubble until this past weekend. It is something we've worked on for therapy to help strengthen the muscles in her mouth. She does a lot of drooling for someone her age and therefore suggests that she needs extra work on those mouth muscles. Included in that therapy is blowing bubbles, horns, balloons etc. Although it doesn't seem much like work to her, it's just plain fun in her book. Given the fact that she has now learned to blow her first bubble, that means progress. Jenna or us couldn't be happier even for a seemingly small step. Shouldn't all therapy be this fun?!!


  1. I would say that is both fun AND therapy...which is exactly the way it should be!!!

  2. Our son also loves blowing horns & bubbles as a part of his speech therapy. The smiles and joy they share when mastering a "fun" task is priceless!!
    His favorite is to practice biting and pulling on Twizzlers strawberry licorice.

    -Jenny in Atlanta

  3. What to go Jenna!
    Praying these "seemingly small steps" will add up to mountain climbing!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. bubbles...bubbles...bubbles everyone loves blowing bubbles...i love the creative ways the therapist work with the children at ND...way to go jenna keep blowing those bubbles.

    jenny i'm from fayetteville, ga


  5. I am so proud of you Jenna! Can't wait to see all your progress on this side of the world! I miss you and all the children and staff at New Day! Love, Cathy Daley