Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Serena Rides!

Ever since Serena arrived, she greatly desired to learn to ride a bike like the other girls and wanted to know when we'd get her one. Dad told her next month, but with absolutely no concept of time, she asked nearly every day. Well...the day finally came and we went and picked out a bike on Saturday. Since she doesn't have the best of balance combined with some vision problems, we decided she probably needed one with some training wheels. We knew it might be challenging to find one big enough for her that came with training wheels. We did find one on Saturday, however, they needed to go get the extra large training wheels. So, we told her we'd have to pick it up the next day,on Sunday. She was so excited to try out her new bike!! All was well until a little while later when the training wheels just could no longer hold her weight and it didn't help that she kept leaning to one side. They gave way and bent under the weight! Although we tried to explain to her that bikes just aren't made for training wheels for someone her age, she decided it was just a bu hao (bad) bike! I guess only time will tell if she learns to ride the bike without training wheels.


  1. Oh, Serena...it hurts me that she is disappointed in even such a small thing! I will be praying that she learns how to ride that bike without training wheels!!!

  2. Oh don't we all remember the frustrating "pains" of learning to ride a bike and the total joy when we finally accomplished the mission!
    Cannot wait to see how Miss Serena sets out to overcome this new goal!
    Cheering her on from Hong Kong,

  3. have her put on a heavy pair of blue jeans 2 pairs of socks and tennis shoes a long sleve shirt and wrap some cloth around her elbows a helmet & gloves and have a nanny walk along beside her holding on to the bicycle seat if she does fall hopefully she won't get hurt I wish i were there to help yeye

  4. Even without good vision, she can still learn. I have two girls (from China) who are totally blind who both ride bikes without training wheels. It helped them to have someone out in front making a noise they could follow. Without vision, they tend to follow the noise of the person next to them holding onto the bike, so having a noisemaker out in front helped their balance a great deal.

  5. There are training wheels big enough for her. I have a friend who's sone has CP and he has a bike with large training wheels. But not too sure where tp find them, maybe ebay?