Monday, May 24, 2010


It's funny when the babies become the big brothers. It happens before we even notice anything changing!

Owen has been with us since he was an infant. But, even though we've failed to notice how quickly he's growing up, he's pretty certain that he's ready for a full-fledged role as "GeGe" or Big Brother.

When the children were playing in the courtyard today, we caught Owen making the rounds with the "babies." Bringing toys to Judah, hugging Jennifer... He just couldn't get enough of the little ones.

It was particularly cute as he tried to "help" Judah. He kept bringing Judah toys and then would try to help him play with them. That lasted for a while, and then he decided that simply being helpful wasn't enough -- he needed to pour on the affection. So, he started patting Judah's head.

But in between the head pats is when it got even more amusing. Owen was so thrilled with his performance as a Big Brother that he couldn't really contain his excitement. So, after he'd pat Judah on the head, he'd stand up straight and quickly dance back and forth on his feet while rubbing his own belly! He kept doing it, over and over again! He was making everyone laugh.

It didn't take him long to move on to the other babies, making sure to share the love. He was full of kisses and hugs -- not sure what Shaun thought about the attention, but we know Owen loved giving it.


  1. Absolutely precious!! I love this post!!

  2. cute is that! Thanks for sharing your love so he knows how to love in return!