Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fling

Last Friday the 16th of April we held our annual Spring Fling (Easter egg hunt) at the Foster Home.
It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was out and all the children were gathered. Everyone participated; the children from the Healing Home, foster families and the babies upstairs. They all had each a basket to put everything they could find.  And at 3.30 PM we had kids running all over the backyard looking for eggs, cookies, candy, juice boxes and bananas to put in their baskets.

They were all very excited. They kept shouting “Look what I've found?" Once their baskets were filled with all the goodies, they found a spot on the grass, sat down and enjoyed the treats. But the fun part didn't end there. Two days before some of the older preschool kids had gone out to the Luna market to buy chicks for the special day. We brought the chicks out to let the kids play with them and they loved it. They pet them, held them and fed them.

Find more pictures from the event here: Spring Fling scrapbook

This blogpost was posted by: Alyssa Chan interning with the Foster Home. 

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  1. So sweet. I how New Day goes the extra mile for their children. They are able to experience many of the things they will hopefully enjoy when they join their families one day. A true blessing!

    I'm curious what Khloe thought of the little chicks? They are so CUTE!