Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Flood of 2010

So we had a bit of an emergency this morning... we almost floated away. 

A water pipe burst in an upstairs bedroom at about 5 am this morning, and due to several "technical difficulties," our maintainence staff couldn't get the water main shut off until there was almost 6 inches of water on the bedroom floor!

Our quick-thinking nannies were able to quickly get the little ones who live in our purple room out of the "flow" and into the common area, and then they piled up blankets to keep the swimming pool water confined to one room. 

Most of the little ones were none too happy to be woken early and jostled around so early in the morning, not to mention have their quiet little home invaded by workers with their tools and loud voices, frantically trying to keep the swimming pool from turning to a lake.  The nannies had their hands full, trying to keep everyone happy, comforted and content.  But before long, one of the nannies realized there was one little one who seemed perfectly content with the chaos.

It was Lindsey.  A resident of our purple room, she seemed unpurturbed by the rising waters.  In fact, she seemed to downright enjoy the swirling tide of activity, and when the gushing turned to a trickle and everyone packed up to leave for a while, she got a little disappointed.  The party's over, she wondered?

We've come up for a theory for why she seemed to enjoy it all so much.  In fact, our theory has grown to include an explanation for the cause of our water leak.

It's all her fault!

She doesn't look sneaky, does she?  She looks like an innocent little bystander, I know.  But she's not, dear bloggy friends.  She is most certainly not.  Behind that adorable smile lies much impishness. 

And how could this angelic face be responsible for this minor catastrophe, you ask?  Well, the proof is in her name.  Her Chinese name means "Rushing Water."  Clearly we have found our culprit, ladies and gents.  Clearly. 

No muddy water or confusion here.  Just some soggy floors. 

But we've got our eye on her...


Be sure to check in tomorrow for the very first New Day Foster Home blog giveaway!!  It will be a fun way to celebrate you, our community of blog friends, who we deeply love and appreciate.


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  2. Ohhhhhh myyyyy!!! How we looooooooove her soooo much! Sweet and sassy Lindsey!!!!
    I can just see her looking for more "fun" things to get into! And I knew that she would be a water loving girl, too :-) Please give Princess Rushing Water a huge hug from us!

    Donna Luce

  3. Tooooooooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing her personality with us!