Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Knight

Maybe we haven't told you before, but there are dragons right outside our office.

It's a good thing we have Drew to stave them off. Before he went out to slay the dragons, he felt he needed to brush up on his technique a bit in the office. He honed his skills on Elva.

He's our knight in shining armor, with a few extra layers of winter clothing to provide extra warmth and protection from the ferocious beasts.

From all appearances today, the dragons are gone. Drew - 1, Dragons - 0


  1. What a handsome knight in shining armor!

  2. Love it! I am so glad to hear that we will have Drew to protect us if we need it, especially against dragons. LOL! He is definitely going to fit in very well well here. Especially with a big brother to help him perfect his form.

    Hopefully we won't have too much longer of a wait. We got our LOA a couple of weeks ago so we are estimating travel to be sometime in April.

    What is the weather like in Beijing then???

  3. What an incredibly adorable...and very mighty!...warrior he is!!! I know his Mama is going to have alot of fun with him!!!

  4. Oh how hilarious! I know you feel so safe now! ;)

  5. What a little ham! ;) ...Drew is quite the performer, isn't he!? What a fun little guy to have around!!

  6. No need to worry about dragons or bad guys with Drew around!

    Love to see little boys in action! I'm thanking God for creating Drew just as he did...so very fearfully and wonderful!