Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Miss Piggy


While we do our best to teach our children many things, evidently good manners gets flung to the wayside. Khloe has figured out the best way to eat lunch -- and the fastest way to get seconds -- is a two-fisted approach. One hand carefully manuevering the spoon to get the biggest possible bite into her mouth while the other follows to delicately stuff in any stray pieces. She certainly is a girly-girl, except at mealtime, when she morphs into The Eater and leaves many of our hefty little boys in the dust. We love a girl who loves to eat, though, so we're filming this beautiful culinary display instead of correcting it.

When she's this cute, can you blame us?


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable! Tanya I know you are DYING about right now!!!!!!!! SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yum! Yum!
    A girl after my own heart!
    What a cutie!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!! (adorably messy?)

    Jill G

  4. Oh DEAR!!! I'm lucky I didn't wet myself from laughing so hard... that is SO funny! Looks like I've got some work to do in training her to slow down and 'enjoy' her food! ;) So cute!! Well, that explains why I've got a gazillion photos of her EATING! ;) I still need to do a post (mayble Wordless Wed) with all of those pics. At least I don't have a picky eater to worry about!!

    Thanks for this video... two posts that include my sweet girl in less than a weeks time... how did I get so lucky!?! :)


  5. Oh! I know Khloe's Mama LOVED every second of that video! What a delight!!! Khloe is such a precious little darling, and I can appreciate her approach to eating. Sometimes a girl's just gotta do what a girl's gotta order to get seconds! A girl after my own heart!!! :)

  6. p.s.>>> I also find it hilarious that she is SO busy "SHOVELING" it all in, that she can barely find the time to even glance in your direction... or so much as pay any mind to the fact that there is a camera in her face!! This just CRACKS ME UP!!! LOL! ;)

  7. OH!! come on Carrie! we don't film you while you eat!! HA YeYe

  8. Not what I expected from that petite, sweet little thing. You go girl!! Love it! Is it me, or were those spoonfuls getting larger and larger?

  9. Just seeing all of Khloe's cute pictures...I would have NEVER in a bazillion years guessed she'd shovel food in like that!

    Cute and hilarious all wrapped up into one very adorable little girl!

  10. Too cute Tanya!! I half expected Khloe to pick up the bowl and start licking inside!!! Reminds me of my little one who also loves her food =)