Monday, January 11, 2010

Healing Home Kids

With the weather so cold and windy, we haven't been visiting the Healing Home with a camera all too frequently! However, we do have some pictures, and think you'll be amazed to see how the little ones at the Healing Home are changing.

Kevin enjoys looking at pictures of his family. He's looking forward to the day that he meets them in person!

Yan Zhi's a happy and content little girl, especially when she's cuddling!

Yan Xia likes playing with Sadie and the other little babies.

Catherine's back from the hospital and feeling much stronger now! She also received a gift that included some new clothes, which made her extra happy.


  1. ohhhh...these are all so sweet! I can't wait to see Kevin in his new mama's arms... I know she is anxious to bring him home, too!! :) How sweet that he enjoys looking at their photos.

    And Sadie is getting SO big. I haven't seen photos of her in awhile. She is cute as ever.

    Glad to hear Catherine is doing well back from her surgery. God is blessing those kiddos left and great with amazing success stories! PTL!!! <><

  2. Oh sweetness! I can't get over how all the kiddos are growing and changing! Catherine looks GREAT!

    And Kevin...with his little hand over his heart; Just how am I supposed to homeschool my kiddos today after seeing that? ;) I LOVE IT!

    We can't wait to see YOU little Kevin! SOON and very SOON! The thought of getting to see ALL these babies that I have prayed over and rejoiced over their healing...

    Okay. Must. Focus. On. Teaching.

  3. Awe, precious in His sight. They are just adorable. Glad to hear they are doing well.