Monday, December 14, 2009

Singin' Time

Song time is probably the best time of preschool, if you were to ask all of our kids. They especially liked it today when Sarah, their preschool teacher, invited them up one at a time to select their very favorite song to sing. You mamas would all be so proud; the children did a great job taking turns and enthusiastically singing one another's favorites. First up was Matthias, then Adahlyn (with Matthias' talking), then Drew, and finally, Elizabeth and Trey. You can see, there's never a dull moment!

We also have very exciting news. Samuel's papers are with Adoptions Together, an adoption agency in the USA. According to their website his papers are still available for to be matched, so we're hoping his family finds him soon!


  1. How sweet! Memories are flooding back in from the summer when I was the choral instructor :)

  2. Oh the singing makes MY heart sing! So sweet!
    They are so proud of themselves, I love it!
    And we will be praying for little Samuel to find his family!!!!!!!!! That is VERY exciting!

  3. What an absolute darling video. Drew loves to sing to us when we talk with him. I love seeing all the kids singing.


  4. Oh how precious!! I love it when you post videos... there's nothing quite like seeing these cuties live! :) There enthusiasm for the music had me ready to join in!! ;)

    Have a blessed week!
    ~ Tanya

  5. Beautiful. Can I come live there? I know Where is Thumbkin too and the kids can teach me what I either don't know or have forgotten :)
    SO precious. So very precious.

  6. It would simply be impossible for Samuel to be any sweeter.
    He is in my prayers simply all the time. Thank you for sharing this moment of his day with us all! And I can't believe his darling shirt with the 2-different colored-eyed cat and how the eyes match a certain recently made stuffed animal from our house PERFECTLY! Too Amazing! I cannot wait for his first Merry Christmas at ND! I pray it is a sweet one for him in so many ways and that next year he will celebrate with his forever family. (photos of Christmas are being hoped for ;-) hee hee )
    Blessings!--and give him a BIG hug!

  7. What little darlings they all are! I'm praying that Samuel finds his forever family...and soon!